Tala Black Pov 3 Audition

Tala Black is the hottest new casting director in town and is always looking for new young talent to add to her roster. In this POV video, you'll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to audition for a role with Tala. You'll see Tala in action as he evaluates each audition and provides feedback and direction to the young actors. You can also watch the auditions themselves, where each actor reads their lines and tries to impress Tala with their acting skills. But things change when Tala sees one of the auditions, a young man with a strong jaw and piercing blue eyes, and she can't help but be drawn to him. She finds herself paying him more attention and direction, and before you know it, they find themselves alone in the audition room. As they continue to work together, Tala realizes that there is more to this young man than just his acting skills. She begins to see him in a different light and soon they are kissing and kissing right in front of her. Tala is torn between her professional obligations and her growing feelings for this young man. He knows he can't have it both ways, but there's nothing he can do about it. She feels drawn to him in a way she can't explain and can no longer resist the temptation. At the end of the video you will see Tala and the young man making love in the casting room and their passion and desire shine through the screen. . You'll also see Tala make the difficult decision to let him go, even though she knows she can't have him and his job. This POV video will leave you wanting more as it gives you an up close and personal look into the world of casting and the hot, steamy moments that come with it.

Duration: 17:42

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