Tala Black Pov 2 Audition

In this POV you'll see Tala Black from a completely different perspective. This time you're casting her in a role in a new film and you'll be able to see her up close as you make your decision. When you watch Tala walk onto the set, you'll notice how amazing she is. . She is tall and thin, with long, flowing hair and piercing green eyes that seem to glow in the light. Looking down at them, you can't help but be a little amazed. But once you start talking to her, you realize that she is more than just her looks. She's smart, funny and confident and you can tell she has a huge passion for acting. During the casting you feel more and more attracted to her. Finally, you decide to go out for drinks with her to get to know her better. Sitting across from each other in a small, cozy bar, you can't help but get a little nervous. You know you have to make a decision soon, but you also don't want to rush it. But as the night goes on, you become more and more relaxed. You start laughing, joking, and really opening up to her. And as you do that, you realize that you're falling hard for her. By the end of the night, you know you want to cast her in the role. You notice that it fits perfectly and are excited to see what it does on the screen. But as you watch her walk back to her hotel room, you start to get a little nervous. You know you want to continue with her, but you're not sure if she feels the same way. When you stand in front of his door, take a deep breath and knock. When he opens the door, you can’t help but feel a little shy. But as soon as he sees you, he smiles and pulls you in. They spend the rest of the night exploring each other's bodies, kissing, touching and enjoying every moment. And while you were lying in bed

Duration: 17:42

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