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Delhi's hottest Back Alley Spices fee, Priya was discovered steaming one sun soaked morning by head owner, Mr Roy. Priya had always been something of a go-between girl but not even she had anticipated what this filthy old guy would do to her. In his free hand he had the masala chai that he had been drinking earlier and as he closed the distance, she eyed it keenly. She didn't even have a chance to protest before he grabbed her by the midsection and hauled her right up onto the counter and then he spread her legs wide. He put his dick between her legs and Priya fought back at him but he just grinned that sly smile of his and dipped his fingers into the chai which he had been warming in his palm. Despite her loud protests, he rubbed the sticky substance on her cunt hole and then plunged deep into her. As she felt every inch of his cock push into her, she finally surrendered to his perverted demands and orgasmed blissfully for the older man. Once he felt her cum, he shot his load into her and they shared a look of post-coital bliss before he offered her a sip of his chai.

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